Helen England is an established soprano singer with a outstanding reputation who performs for private and corporate clients. Pitch perfect with whatever she sings, from opera, classical and contemporary. She is demure and of slight stature but is a powder-keg of a performer. She delivers power and emotion with every note she sings and will have you riveted to the spot with anticipation of the next note from her lips. When asked to perform at a wedding or civil ceremony, whatever the location or venue, be it a church or cathedral, village hall or registry office, she will add more than a bit of class and elegance to proceedings. Helen is professionally trained to such a high standard it beggars belief however. Although Helen is confident and pleased about her high standard of delivery, she can be self-deprecating about her own talent and performances. She herself will tell you that she will never be fully satisfied with herself as her voice is constantly developing, maturing and getting better and stronger all the time.